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HyFit | HQ

Our facility that offers up 5,000 sq ft of working space with a wide range of equipment from concept 2 ergs; 12 Squat stations; 4 Dual Cable Pulleys / 8 individual; Weightlifting platforms; 2 x 20m lengths on turf and so much more.

The ultimate setting for the most effective strength and conditioning program around! 

HyFit | Training 

Our Training Method that incorporates over 20 years experience of working in the fitness industry. 


What are we? 

We're Fitness. 

We'll push, pull, squat, run.

We'll move fast on some days - and then controlled and steady on others....

We'll work our strength numbers and then we'll 'get a pump on'

We believe in a periodised program that continuously challenges the body and mind, which in turns keep your training enjoyable whilst making you better! 


Facility | Method | Community

HyFit HQ | Training 

Offers everything you need for your training under one roof. The facility for everyone training modality. 

A method / training program. 

And a community that pushes you to achieve your training goals as well as their own

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