Let me Tell You About CrossFit

CrossFit is a lifestyle in which you prioritise your health. 

It gives you the ability to do different things at a high level of intensity. 

It’s the absolute best way to help you reach your fitness goals. 


For me it’s making me happy. 

It’s a fun way to get fit with like-minded people. 

The last person finishing the workout is just as important as the first. 

It’s a team atmosphere that ends up making you better as an individual. 

The commoradory; that family that you end up building - the energy you get back from that yourself,

Thats CrossFit! 



When you come to a CrossFit gym, everybody knows your name, everybody appreciates you - and you are a part of something bigger than just getting a workout. 


It’s my outlet. 

It’s my passion. 

It’s a commitment.


It’s a challenge. 

I compete with myself. 

I’m healthier. 

I’m stronger. 


Even though I was sore - maybe feeling a little discouraged - I felt accountable to my community / accountable to my class because they were looking out for me.


The workout is different every day. 

Everyone is welcoming. Everyone is cheering you on. They won’t let you quit even if you want to quit.


We all share this experience which is emotional. 

It’s doesn’t look emotional, it just looks like people are working out.

But it’s emotional. It’s raw. It’s intense. It’s incredible. It’s awesome! 


I’m going to keep doing it for a long time!


CrossFit is a fitness program where the reward for doing well is the ability to express your fitness in every day life, in as many different planes or as many different activities that you can imagine. 


People walk into a CrossFit gym and say “where are the machines?!?”