Team mate Feedback

"I love this gym, it is so refreshing to find a gym where the coaches care and aren’t just there because they are paid to be. The other members are friendly and everyone cheers each other on. All the workouts are varied and all movement can be broken down to any level of fitness or strength"

Claire Harrison

"I joined Lock32 about 18months ago and have learnt a lot in my time. My technique and form has improved ten fold and I’ve never had the same work out twice. You won’t get a better setting for a gym either. Highly recommend"

Ethan Langhorn

"I started training at the CrossFit Lite sessions when my baby was 6 weeks old. These daytime pay-as-you-go sessions are perfect for parents as you can take the kids with you. My baby was happy to watch me train and hang with the other babies. Now I’ve returned to work after mat leave so I’ve joined the gym as a member and started to attend the full classes. I never ever thought I’d train at a gym but this place is addictive! Really friendly with varied workouts that allow you to learn new skills and get strong. Give it a go!"

Helena Butler

"Crossfit Saddleworth is a fantastic place to work out and push your body to the limits. Great facilities, great coaches and more importantly great team mates who help you through the pain barrier!! I have only been coming here for 9 months but wish i had started a long time ago because Crossfit is like no other form of exercise i have done before.....its brutal, but great fun!!! The detailed work outs and coaching cater for all levels and abilities and it is very much an inclusive gym. #teammates"

Matt Cocking

"Absolutely loving training at Crossfit Saddleworth. Great community spirit, excellent equipment and top quality coaching that is focused on making sure everyone, whatever experience or current fitness level, gets the maximum out of every session.
I love the fact I didn't need to be super fit to jump in to the workouts, but with the focus of the coaching and everyone at the club being so supportive, I feel like I'm making progress already after just a couple of weeks. Best of all, there are NO egos, you just get stuck in and have a laugh.
I'd recommend Crossfit Saddleworth to anyone interested in improving their fitness and general well being"

Mark Davies

"I started attending Crossfit Saddleworth 7 months ago after having my baby. I wanted to try something different to the usual cardio based exercise and am so glad that I did. The gym is an excellent place to train. The coaching staff are very knowledgable and encouraging, and the sessions are so varied that it never gets repetitive or boring. I have gotten so much stronger and have achieved my main goal of shedding the baby weight. I highly recommend it!"

Joanne Jones 

"A great gym nestled in the lovely saddleworth countryside.

The coaches are friendly and supportive as are all the members.

As a runner, the great thing about Crossfit is that you combine cardio with strength training and mobility.

Couldnt ask for a better maintained gym with a great team mentality. WODs are easily scaled to my ability and classes work around my work and family schedule"

Love it - get involved!

John Williams

"I started at Lock 32 two years ago and it’s completely changed my outlook on training. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get the results you want. In one crossfit session you will work harder than you would in a weeks worth of gym sessions. It’s awesome. You will do things you think you never could, this is down to the amazing coaches that guide you through each step. Plus you are training in the beautiful countryside - what’s not to love!"

Lucy Preston

"Being new to CrossFit when I first visited the box I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But at Lock32 I was delighted to find a brand new facility, full range of equipment and expert coaching tailored to any experience or ability level. With his background in personal training and education in sport science, Danny is able to not only get the most of people with his effective coaching techniques, but also offer guidance and advice on all areas of health and fitness, such as diet and nutrition. There are a great set of members at Crossfit Saddleworth, team training and regular social events that create a real community feel. Great work Danny and team"

Rick Fraine

"Fantastic venue for Crossfit. Large unit with plenty of equipment to satisfy everyones needs. Whether that be a session of Crossfit or open gym.
Great group of people and coaches that attend.
The Crossfit sessions are always hard, but these can be adjusted to suit everyones abilities.
I have been there from the start and if I could attend everyday I would.
Would highly recommend to friends and family"

Laura Holmes